Order Terms and Conditions

1. Client has selected the following services, which will be done remotely for Customer:

Services Provided:
    • Monthly Bank Reconciliations
    • Monthly Credit Card Reconciliations
    • Transaction Coding
    • List of Unknown Transactions Sent Monthly
    • One 15-Minute Phone Call per Month
Client Responsibilities:
    • Connect all bank and credit card accounts to QBO. Keep them connected throughout the terms of the service.
    • Send all monthly statements in a timely fashion.
    • Apply AR payments if using invoicing feature in QBO.
    • If client has loans loan statements will be sent or entire payment goes to loan category.
    • Answer any uncategorized transaction questions.
    • Paying for QuickBooks Online Account.

Frankly Bookkeeping will not in independently verify any data submitted. Any changes to these services must be agreed to by the parties in writing via an addendum. All other provisions of this agreement shall remain in effect.


2. Fees

The Monthly Service fee is based on the following chart:

    • Up to $40,000 in revenue: $250 per month
    • Up to $80,000 in revenue: $450 per month
    • Over $80,000 in revenue: $700 per month

A setup fee will be charged at the beginning of services. It will equivalate to one month of service. Any cleanup work needing completed will be charged at the monthly service price for every month needing completed. Automatic credit card payments will come out on the first of every month. Any declined payment will result in the end of services immediately. If the revenue increases for 3 consecutive months the price will automatically increase to the next tier. Services are not legal services: We do not provide legal services to our clients. Information and discussion with us should not be construed as legal advice and does not form an attorney-client relationship with you. Scope of terms: This agreement applies to all services you utilize from Frankly Bookkeeping. If you have another, previous written agreement with our firm, this written agreement applies and supersedes any prior agreement. The only agreements we have with you are those reduced to writing; those agreements constitute all agreements or promises between us. If the services and terms outlined in this agreement comport with your understanding of our relationship, please execute this agreement in the space provided below. If they are not, and we cannot adequately address your particular concerns, you should obtain a new bookkeeping professional to assist you.


3. Standard of Care; Indemnification

Frankly Bookkeeping will at all times exercise due diligence and good faith in performing its duties under this Agreement. Client will make every reasonable effort and take all reasonably available measures to assure the adequacy of its personnel, facilities, and equipment as well as the accurate performance of all services to be performed by it under this Agreement within, at a minimum, the time requirements of any applicable statutes, rules, or regulations. Frankly Bookkeeping shall not be responsible for, and the Client agrees to indemnify Frankly Bookkeeping for, any losses, damages or expenses (including reasonable counsel fees and expenses) (i) resulting from any claim, demand, action or suit not resulting from Frankly Bookkeeping’s failure to exercise good faith or due diligence and arising out of or in connection with Client’s duties under this Agreement; (ii) for any delay, error or omission by reason of circumstances beyond its control, including acts of civil or military authority, national emergencies, labor difficulties, fire, mechanical breakdown beyond its control, flood catastrophe, acts of God, insurrection, war, riots, or failure beyond its control of transportation, communication or power supply; or (iii) for any action taken or omitted to be taken by Frankly Bookkeeping in good faith in reliance on the accuracy of any information provided to them.


4. Term for Agreement and Invoicing

By executing this document, you agree to a month-to-month term for the services. A 30-day written notice is required in order to terminate services. All outstanding fees and costs shall be paid upon termination. Frankly Bookkeeping can terminate the agreement at any time for non-payment or lack of cooperation on behalf the client. Should client go 60 days with no communication with Frankly Bookkeeping services will be terminated.


5. Solicitation and Contracting

Client agrees that it and its employees will not, either during or for a period of twelve (12) months after conclusion of the Services, solicit to hire as an employee or contractor any of Frankly Bookkeeping Agents or Employees involved in providing the services described in this Agreement. If Client hires any such Frankly Bookkeeping’s Agents or Employees prior to expiration of the twelve (12) month period, Client agrees to pay to Frankly Bookkeeping, within thirty (30) days of the hiring date, an amount equal to one third of the person’s annual compensation at Frankly Bookkeeping at the time of the departure.